This is a Disco Elysium fanwork created using a set of custom Twine macros to replicate the look and feel of Disco Elysium's dialogue system. In the game, you can suggest to Kim that you hold a funeral for a certain motor carriage, and Empathy informs you he wishes he had time to do so. This is your chance to make that time.

The source for this game can be found at:

In that repo there are also instructions for how you can use the same macros to make your own Twine games in the same style, enjoy!

Thanks to Disco(rd) Elysium for all their encouragement, support, and testing <3


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This was incredibly sweet idea well implemented! I am floored and reduced to mush, but in a happy way. Thank you!

Can't play the game, I get an error message. Something about no valid storage adapters found, something like that.

this is really good, well done!

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Ahhh! I loved it! It is amazingly true to the style of the game, I could easily see it as an actual epilogue bit. Well done! The writing is so good!